An (Almost) Complete History of Cell Phones in Three Minutes

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This fun video was created by Vodafone UK to advertise its Android offerings.

They used a technique called 3D projection mapping, where objects are used as projection screens instead of the traditional flat screens on the wall.

In this case, the screen is a table – and a selection of cell phones from the archives. The phones are dummies, painted white. Everything you see happening on their screens and keypads is being projected from above. Pretty neat.

Wait, though – this is supposed to be a history of cell phones, is it not? It’s titled “The Evolution of Mobile,” right?

And they didn’t include the first iPhone?

No matter how much you might want to push Android devices, it seems somewhat ridiculous to miss out the touch-screen device that paved the way for all the Androids that followed in its wake.

Missing phone handsets aside, the video is beautifully made. If you want to see some more 3D projection mapping, check out this one (an advert for soda on a building in Dubai), or this one for Samsung on one in Amsterdam, and this excellent (non-advertising) example celebrating 600 years of the Prague Astronomical Clock.