How an Elderly Woman Cut Off the Internet in Two Countries

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Old people are harmless. But deep down inside, they just want to take your Internet away from you.

On March 28, Internet users in Georgia and Armenia were plunged into several hours of disconnected darkness. What had befell them? Was a revolution sweeping the country? No, just an elderly Georgian lady.

The 75-year-old woman was digging for scrap metal, when she unfortunately hit a cable. Thinking it was valuable, she decided to take it. The fiber optic cable also ran between the two countries, leaving thousands without Internet access. The horror. (More on See photos of Mongolia’s technological transformation)

Authorities have charged her with damaging property. She may face up to three years in prison. Officials have said that, “Taking into account her advancing years, she has been released pending the end of the investigation and subsequent trial.”

It’s not the first time an event like this has occurred. A similar incident happened in 2009, also in Georgia. So, let’s recap. How close are these cables to the ground, again?

(via AFP)

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History repeats itself.  "Farmer Joe severs major phone trunk line serving Midwest"  My father was a college student back in 1960 at Tri-State University in north eastern Indiana, there had been a regional phone outage effecting hundreds of thousands. And my father couldn't call home to check in with his new bride for several days.  On the drive home over the weekend he stopped in a small town diner and overheard an elderly farmer telling another local  'I was putting new drainage tile in my field and came across this big ole root, I used a backhoe to keep cutting and digging away at it and when I dragged it up I realized it was a fat cable containing thousands of small copper strands'.  So he happened to lunch next to the guy responsible for a major Ma Bell outage.  dang tree root!