New Trailer for ‘L.A. Noire’ Shows Off a Dirty City of Angels

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A good noir story’s nothing without a little double-dealing and the newest clip from Rockstar’s upcoming detective thriller shows hints of powerful mobsters and far-reaching corruption in post-war L.A.

The trailer shows Aaron Staton’s Cole Phelps coming up against shady dealings involving heavy-duty drug deals and signs that not every cop in the LAPD may be on the up and up. And, as cinematic as it all looks, it’s important to remember that these scenes are what the actual gameplay’s going to look like.  We also get the first really good look at Fringe‘s John Noble in his role as gangster Leland Monroe, who’s sure to be a major player in the game’s narrative.

With the mood and drama shown in this latest teaser, it’s easy to see why the Tribeca Film Festival chose L.A. Noire as the first video game ever to be shown during the show. The rest of us will have to wait until May 17th to finally enter the gorgeous and morally ambiguous world of L.A. Noire.