With Tech, Everything is the New Everything Else

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Over at, my Technologizer column this week is about growing debate over the question of whether Google’s dominance of the search engine market raises antitrust concerns. It’s reminiscent of the debate that went on for most of the 1990s whether Microsoft was a monopolist–a debate that eventually led to the court case known as United States v. Microsoft. And yet, I came to the conclusion that Google’s position on the Web is a lot more fragile than Microsoft’s iron grip on the PC market once was, which is why I called my piece “Why Google Isn’t the New Microsoft.”

Other observers are, of course, free to disagree with me–and many do. After I finished writing about the topic, I idly Googled for the phrase “google is the new microsoft” to see how often the meme came up, and found nearly a million results. Then I Googled for “microsoft is the new google.” Then I kept on Googling.

Executive summary of what I learned:

google is the new microsoft“: 966,000 Google results

twitter is the new facebook“: 408,000

google is the new apple“: 274,000

apple is the new microsoft“: 222,000

microsoft is the new apple“: 281,000

facebook is the new myspace“: 154,000

samsung is the new sony“: 71,800

facebook is the new aol“: 68,800

sony is the new nintendo“: 41,300

microsoft is the new ibm“: 35,000

nintendo is the new sony“: 16,900

nintendo is the new apple“: 15,600

facebook is the new friendster“: 4000

youtube is the new napster“: 1700

hp is the new dell“: 10

microsoft is the new google“: 4

apple is the new google“: 3

I could go on–doing this is weirdly addictive– but you get the idea.

Still unknown: If Nintendo is the new Apple, and Apple is the new Microsoft, and Microsoft is the new IBM…does that mean that Nintendo is the new IBM?