InPulse Heads Up the Wristwatch Revival

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Smartphones are so last Friday. The movers, shakers and Dick Tracy enthusiasts of the world are now all about the Smartwatch, now that InPulse has launched a wrist watch that offers all manner of additional services besides telling the time.

Created as a result of founder Eric Migicovsky wondering how to check email while cycling, the device not only connects to phones through bluetooth, allowing users to receive email, text messages and even calls, but can also connect to desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices using Android, Blackberry, Windows, Linux and Mac OS (but not iOS, yet). What’s more, there are already 30 apps available for the watch, including iTunes controller and PowerPoint presentation remote control, for those meetings where you want to be able to check your watch but still look productive.

To date, 600 of the devices have been sold. But all it needs is an ad campaign with some catchy music and suddenly everyone will forget that they stopped wearing watches because their phones can tell the time as well.

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