Common Folk Can Apply to Be a Virgin Galactic Pilot-Astronaut

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Calling all astronauts, dreamers and little boys everywhere. Virgin Galactic is looking for pilot-astronauts and they want YOU to be part of their team.

So what does this gig exactly entail? Well, the position is based in Mojave, California, where you will be working with the development of a spaceflight system test. Once the project reaches new ground, the pilot-astronaut-in-training will be relocated to Spaceport America in New Mexico. NASA, who? (More on See a special report on the highs and lows of space exploration)

The commercial project is looking for candidates who have completed pilot school, and substantial experience above the ground. Being able to work within a team helps as well. Of course, the ad notes that prior spaceflight experience is an edge, if you just happen to have some experience we don’t know about behind your belt.

Virgin Galactic wants to become the world’s first private spaceline. Which means, the ideal candidate should be ready to go by June of this summer. There are three slots open, but the company plans to eventually recruit future pilot-astronauts if things progress accordingly. (More on See photos of the Hubble Telescope’s greatest hits)

The first batch of pilot-astronauts will also help “establish the recruitment standard for future Pilot-Astronauts,” so go, go, apply now. Never too late to make your childhood dreams come true, thanks to space tourism.

(via Virgin)

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