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One month later, Japan is till being wracked with powerful aftershocks, tsunami alerts and a nuclear crisis that threatens to spiral out of control. Google has set up a website,, where people around the globe can show Japan their support in solidarity.

The site will automatically translate any comment you have into Japanese, while enabling others worldwide to see where they have come from on a map. Although we probably think the best method would be some sort of donation to the earthquake-wrecked country, even if you haven’t got the bones (let’s face it, we’re in a recession) any messages of support will still most likely be quite appreciated.

Just today, a 6.0 aftershock was recorded about 45 miles away from Fukushima, setting ablaze concerns over a new tsunami. While those alerts have now been called off, the situation still remains dangerously precarious — the troubled nuclear power plant has been upgraded to crisis level 7, the worst on the international scale. It was also the same alert given to Chernobyl.

The 9.0 earthquake struck last March, and the official death toll has reached over 13,000 people dead. Over 14,000 people remain missing and unaccounted for.

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