A Working Star Wars AT-AT in Real Life? Let’s Make This Happen

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America is great for an endless number of reasons. But the freedom to spend outlandish amounts of money on nerd-ish pursuits that hold no greater meaning other than they’d be ridiculously, freakishly awesome? Our founding fathers smile down.

Which is why we have to get behind this project to build a life-sized, fully operational AT-AT from The Empire Strikes Back. We have to. It’s more than civic duty; it’s our destiny.

AT-AT for America was started by one Mike Koehlner, by all accounts a normal, honest man with no discerinble money and no mechanical expertise. But Mike’s dream to replicate — piece by piece, helping hand by helping hand — the quadrupedal death machines unleashed on Hoth’s rebel forces by Palpatine’s evil empire? That’s our dream too.

Folks, let’s make this happen. How, you say? A KickStarter page is in the works (we’ll keep you posted), but you can donate at AT-AT for America and follow the project on Twitter.

Then watch this and try not to pump your fist:

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