T-Mobile Offering $80 Unlimited Voice, Text and Web Plan

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T-Mobile is angling for some new subscribers with a limited-time, $80-per-month service plan that includes unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text messages, and unlimited web surfing with a two-year contract.

Web usage is good for up to two gigabytes at normal data speeds—those going over two gigabytes “will still have access to unlimited data at reduced speeds until their new billing cycle starts,” according to T-Mobile. The company also points out: “On average, T-Mobile 4G smartphone customers consume about 1GB of data per billing month.” So there you have it.

Curiously, a similar press release hit the pipes last night and alluded to a $60-per-month unlimited plan for T-Mobile’s “Even More Plus” customers.

Those customers purchase handsets at unsubsidized prices (upwards of $500) but don’t get locked into a two-year contract and enjoy discounted monthly service. That press release has since vanished and I’m not able to even find the Even More Plus plans on T-Mobile’s site anymore. I’ve reached out to T-Mobile and will let you know if and when I hear back.

For those willing to agree to a two-year plan, though, $80 per month is a mighty fair deal. T-Mobile’s running an online sale, too, wherein several of its popular smartphones are free with a new contract. The sale ends tonight.

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