Nintendo Wii Price Drop: Grab One For $170

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It’s not much of a break for tightly held purses and wallets, but select retailers just lopped $30 off the Nintendo Wii’s $200 price tag, bringing the world’s bestselling current-gen game console down to a not-quite-bargain $170.

Note this isn’t an official Nintendo cut (well, yet) so it’s not clear what got the herd moving. Rumor has it Nintendo’s plotting a full-on $50 price cut come May 15, but then rumor has it a lot of stuff’s supposed to happen in the next few months, including Nintendo unveiling its Wii console followup.

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Fliers leaked last week indicated various stores were planning to make today’s $30 move, so we knew it was coming. As of this posting, you can find the Wii for $170 at both Best Buy and Toys “R” Us, and it looks like GameStop and Target have followed suit.

I’d wait, were I that rare gamer (gotta catch ’em all?) who still hasn’t picked up a Wii. You’ll miss nothing major between now and May, and you’ll thank yourself, if the $50 May 15 rumor proves true.