Photographers Join Forces For Tsunami Benefit iApp

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Some of the world’s finest photographers have joined forces to document the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami – and raise money for its victims in the process.

The photojournalists – Dominic Nahr from Switzerland, Adam Dean from the UK, Shiho Fukada from Japan, James Whitlow Delano, Keith Bedford, and Paula Bronstein from the USA, and Jean Chung from South Korea – have all donated their images for free as part of the 3/11 Project. (See images from TIME’s photo blog LightBox here).

The result is a hard-hitting photo documentary for iPhone and iPad, priced at just one dollar. All money raised by sales of the app will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

This initial release includes 56 images, but a forthcoming update promises at least 100 photos and includes contributions from additional photographers, too.

It’s fascinating to watch the iOS App Store extend its reach in unexpected ways. Apple’s online app-verse has become so deeply entrenched in popular culture and so effective at reaching large numbers of people that it’s actually a viable way to raise charity funds.

And this is just the beginning. Expect to see lots more fundraising-angled apps as time goes on.