How to Sign Your Name Inside a Word Document

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I review many, many products. And of those many, many products, many (though not many, many) require that I sign some sort of document saying that I won’t steal, damage or forget to return the product in question.

When I get one of these forms from a PR person, it’s almost always a Word document and I’m almost always asked to print it out, sign it, and fax it back.

Yes, fax it. Fax the form. Send the form via fax machine. Did we lose a war?!

The irony of returning an e-mailed form by fax is one thing. The fact that I don’t own a fax machine is another, more serious thing. It’s Y2K11 for cracked ice! I have access to a few of those fax-by-e-mail services but—come on, it’s still fax. Dumb, backwards, old fax.

So. How to sign and return a Word document without printing it out or, more importantly, faxing it? There’s a fancy, official, authenticated way to do this (see here) but I’ll show you how to quickly and easily “sign” your name to a Word document without jumping through a bunch of hoops.

Ready? Let’s begin.

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Saya waktu masih kecil, sering sekali sakit gigi. Ya. Memang anak anak sangat rentan dengan penyakit yang satu ini. Itulah mengapa setiap ibu harus tahu, apa obat sakit gigi untuk anak. Baik andak balita seperti usia 4 tahun, 5 tahun. Cara ini juga ampuh untuk anak usia seperti 9 tahun dan seterusnya. Karena ketika anak sakit gigi, anda dipastikan bergadang, kalau sudah bergadang ada dampak lainnya, yakni kantung mata anda menjadi jelas. Oleh karenanya, baca disini, cara menghilangkan kantung mata dengan cepat dan alami


I couldn't figure out how to position it on the  text signature line ; when I chose 'behind text' it put it way down in the middle of the page rather than on the first line where it should have gone...  and I couldn't  figure out how to move it .

Other than that this was helpful; thanks!


@dpalen The way I did it was to highlight the signature in Paint and then do a copy and then paste it into the Word document. It worked fine for me!


Mr. Aamoth:

Thank you so much for the helpful article on putting your signature in a Word document. It was so helpful to me.  I am all set now, and can avoid all of the apps for signatures using my iPad that I found extremely cumbersome. Thanks so much. Your line about a handwritten signature looking like a toddler writing with his non-dominant hand really cracked me up.  Thanks again. I'll look for your other articles. Best wishes for the holidays. Bruce Leeds