Is Netflix Selling Movies? Well, Kind Of…

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Netflix may have ignored advice to start selling movies in the past – perhaps because of a rumored agreement with WalMart that prohibits such a move – but that doesn’t mean the company won’t push you in the direction of others who’ll sell you the goods.

The Hacking Netflix blog noticed that a small “Buy Now” link appears on Netflix’s page for the Ben Stiller comedy Little Fockers right underneath the “Add to DVD Queue” button, with the link sending users to the official site for the movie, which announces “Own It Now… 28 Days Before Netflix and Redbox.”

A new wrinkle for licensing agreements? A trial balloon for a new overall strategy for the video giant? Or maybe just a way to get studios to stop asking the company to sell movies without having to handle the sales transactions itself? No one’s talking, but expect to see the link appear on more pages in weeks to come.

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