QuickView: Five Unique, Hand Tested Gadgets for Your Perusal

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Each month we’ll hand test a selection of unique accessories, peripherals and other items of tech merriment to see if they’re worth your time.

Here’s the roundup for April.

Kensington PowerLift Back-Up Battery, Dock and Stand for iPhone


It’s not like iPhone accessories are exactly in short supply nowadays, but Kensington has an uncanny knack for adding a little bit of extra utility to each of its products. Case in point, the PowerLift pulls double duty as a backup battery (good for almost a full iPhone 4 recharge) and a desktop stand.

K39253US-22674The PowerLift draws juice from the USB cable that folds down flat into the base, and when connected to your computer’s USB port, the backup battery not only rejuvenates itself, but the phone can synch with iTunes.

So you’ve basically got your iPhone cable, a backup battery and a dock all in one compact little device. Flip down the dock’s kickstand and you can unobtrusively use the backup battery with the phone to make calls or surf the web, too.

The PowerLift costs $50 directly from Kensington, or you can find it elsewhere for a little cheaper (around $36 on Amazon, for instance).

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