Google’s Former CEO Gets a 1.25 Million Percent Pay Raise, Still Really Rich

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Plenty of CEOs earn a symbolic $1 per year, but according to The Wall Street Journal, Google’s Eric Schmidt will be getting a significant raise as the Internet search company’s Executive Chairman, in which he’ll be going from a reported single dollar a year to a slightly better $1.25 million.

To top things off, he’ll also be making an annual bonus of about $6 million.

But, when you’re the chairman of the Internet’s most profitable company, with an estimated value of a mind-numbing $192 billion, $7.25 million might seem quite small in comparison. (Yeah, I did the math.)

That’s why Schmidt also owns about 9.2 million shares of the Internet giant’s stock, or a respectable $5.8 billion. Which is cool, I mean, if you’re into things like being really, really rich.

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