Amazon Server Outages Disrupt Hootsuite, Quora, Reddit and More

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First, apologies are in order if you’re a follower of the always-awesome-never-not-funny Twitter here at Techland, especially if today’s tweets didn’t have their usual timely zip. Like many other media companies, we here at TIME utilize Hootsuite to plan out and get you folks articles in a friendly, consistent manner. As you may or may not know, an outage at Amazon’s EC2 data center in North Virginia has disrupted a bunch of the usualness we’re accustomed to on the Internet: Reddit has been intermittently down (or in read-only mode), Quora is still trying to get everything back up to par, and Hootsuite still (sadly) hasn’t hooted a thing all day.

So we just wanted to say thanks for sticking with us, and we hope the Internet gets fixed soon. And while we don’t usually like to point fingers, there’s only one real culprit to blame here: SkyNet.

Judgment Day is here. (And for the record, we’re on their side.)

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