Top Five Monday Tech Deals

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It’s Monday! Time for some handpicked gadget deals.

Refurbished iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G: $329 at AT&T

apple_ipad_wifi_3g_black_lYama hama—I thought the first-generation iPad was a good deal when Apple was selling the refurbished Wi-Fi versions for $349. I’d categorize AT&T’s $329 Wi-Fi + 3G refurbished iPad in the well-deserved, yet seldom-referenced “Great Deal” section of my vernacular.

This is the 16GB model and it looks like you’ll have to shell out for at least a month of 3G service starting at $15, but you can cancel any time after that and just use the iPad’s built-in Wi-Fi connection until the next time you need 3G.

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