Extra ‘Color’ for the Royal Wedding

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Remember Color, the iPhone photography app designed to be used where people gather together?

Well, there’s a pretty big gathering of people expected in central London tomorrow, and the people at Color and one UK newspaper have decided to make the most of it.

Color and the Daily Telegraph have joined forces to create citizen news the like of which none of us has seen before.

Right through the Royal Wedding day, there will be a mosaic of photos from the wedding in London and from celebrations all over the UK on display at the Telegraph’s website.

Photos from a wedding are nothing special, Royal or otherwise. What makes this any different?

Partly, it’s the unique nature of Color itself. It’s unusual because it was built for sharing photos automatically. There’s no extra button to press for sharing stuff and there’s no privacy option. When you open Color and start snapping, your photos are being shared instantly, with everyone else nearby, whether you like it or not.

Color says it’s helping to “document this historic occasion through the eyes of people celebrating across Britain,” and in a sense that’s true. Color’s faced a lot of criticism since it was launched, but perhaps the Royal Wedding might be a turning point. It seems like the perfect event for an app that automatically shares photos and spreads them through huge crowds.