The Top 15 Royal Wedding Search Terms Infected with Malware

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The folks over at Norton sent me an interesting list this morning: a compendium of infected “Royal Wedding” search terms.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most poisoned sorted out in percentages (e.g. how many bad eggs there are for every 100 results):

1. william and kate movie … 61%
2. princess diana death photos … 58%
3. prince charles age … 57%
4. william and kate movie cast … 57%
5. prince charles alzheimer’s … 57%
6. princess diana death date … 55%
7. william and kate movie actors … 53%
8. prince charles and alzheimer’s … 49%
9. william and kate movie wiki … 46%
10. princess diana death facts … 46%
11. royal wedding guest list kanye … 45%
12. princess diana death car … 45%
13. prince charles tampon … 43%
14. princess diana biography … 42%
15. princess diana death age … 41%

What’s most interesting is that the terms seem to target two primary demographics. First are folks who seem interested in learning more about the (presumably awful) Lifetime movie, which I didn’t even know existed.

Secondly, the terms seem to hone in on a more middle aged segment, guessing from the all the queries regarding Princess Diana’s death and Prince Charles’ various indiscretions (notably the racy, weird scandal at #13). Rounding out the top 15 are a fair amount of people wondering if Kanye will be in attendance or not.

On the less poisony end, terms like “the royal wedding dress” (1%) and “kate middleton wedding dress designs” (2%) seem better protected, which probably means more resources were allocated and there’s some sort of money to be made.

Norton offered a few pointers for keeping your computer safe, which include obvious PSAs like having good virus protection (if you’re a PC), stick to websites you know and don’t click on anything weird. Or you could just do what I’m going to do and avoid the Royal Wedding altogether.

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