Lunar Tourism Possible Within 5 Years, If You Can Afford It (Spoiler: You Can’t)

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If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to fly to the moon, here’s some good news: It may be possible within the next five years. And the bad news: It could cost you more than $100 million.

Virginia-based Space Adventures – a company that’s already sent seven private citizens into space to visit the International Space Station – is hard at work planning its first moon trip. In fact President Tom Shelley says the company is “confident that we’ll be able to make an announcement about that mission later this year.”

The planned journey wouldn’t let tourists walk on the moon, however–they’ll just have to settle for flying really, really close. Shelley explains, “You’re going to get to within 100 kilometers [62 miles] of the moon’s surface, so you’re going to get a really close-up view of the moon and that incredible Earthrise as well. There are only 24 people who have seen that.”

The trip – which could launch within the next five years if enough customers sign up and logistics are sorted – would take somewhere around six or seven days, and Shelley is estimating that it’ll cost “in the range of $150 million.” How lovely for the only 24 or so people in the world who have the coin for that sort of vacation package.

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