Our Future Robot Overlords Can Now Catch Baseballs

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An aerospace company in Germany called DLR has modified their flagship humanoid robot (dubbed Rollin’ Justin) to catch baseballs.

Not impressed? Watch the video above. Rollin’ Justin moves his digits independently, using his sensors to coordinate with 80 percent accuracy where and when a ball will land in his ice-cold metal fingertips.

I mean, most four year olds can catch a ball (especially when it’s lobbed underhand like that), but that’s besides the point!

Robot fingers > children fingers, especially when it means they’re one step closer to becoming human-hating death machines capable of pulling triggers. And holding stuff.

Terrified? I know I am. Or you can take the antagonist’s approach like our own Matt Peckham:

“Now I want to see them catch bowling balls.”

(via PhysOrg)

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