Apple’s Secret Castles in the “I”

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Coming soon with your copy of Mac OS X Lion – a free castle.

Well, something code-named “Castle” anyway.

French website dug up a juicy snippet of tech gossip while fiddling around with the latest developer preview of the next Mac OS.

Hidden in the code were references to something called “Castle”, and in particular the phrase “Upgrade from MobileMe to Castle”. What could that mean?

Well, we know MobileMe is Apple’s $99-per-year online file storage, email and sync service. It has not been the huge hit that the company’s hardware products have been.

There’s also the rumor that Apple bought the domain recently.

If Lion were to come with a tool to let someone “upgrade” from MobileMe to a new service, what is the nature of the upgrade? Usually, the word “upgrade” means replacing older code with newer code that’s better – that does the same job faster, and adds more features. Sometimes it means you have to pay more money, too. But not always.

Can we read anything into the codename? A castle is a stronghold, a safe place. An Englishman’s home is his castle, or so the saying goes. Is Apple’s castle an online storage facility, a vault where you can put all your digital stuff for safekeeping?

(Via TechCrunch)