The People Who Prefer Retro Tech

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Digital is cheap, digital is easy, digital is everywhere. Perhaps that’s why some people are turning their backs on it.

UK newspaper The Observer ran an interesting feature a week or so ago, highlighting the experiences and emotions of a small group of people who’re deliberately denying themselves the benefits of modern technology, and embracing retro tech instead.

There’s the photographer who makes a living out of making a point of shooting film; the artist who collects gramophone discs, and the poet who only composes poetry on typewriters.

What’s the appeal of retro technology? It’s usually cheap to buy – some people will even give it away, it’s just junk in their eyes. But there’s also the element of taking care of your work.

A friend of mine who shoots film says the photography experience with a film camera is completely different. He takes more time to consider each shot, and doesn’t snap away wildly. Only the most important moments get captured, so each individual photo becomes more precious, a more valuable memory.

Would you consider using analogue technology to get your work done, or just for fun? What analogue gadgets do you still have lurking in the attic or the garage? Who knows, one of them might yet provide you – or someone else – with many hours of pleasure.