Spy Photo Shows Camera on Next-Gen iPod Nano

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Longtime fans of Apple’s iPod nano lamented a major change in its radical sixth-generation redesign: the absence of a video camera like the one present on the previous-generation model. Apple may be prepared to change that if a Taiwanese Apple blog is correct.

The current sixth-generation iPod nano was introduced last September. It trades the rectangular design and click wheel of previous models for an entirely square design that featured an icon-driven touch screen interface reminiscent of that found on the iPod touch.

Citing a California-based source identified as “Ray,” the tw.apple.pro┬áblog recently posted pictures of what it claims are a new seventh-generation iPod nano model. The new nano purportedly retains its small dimensions and square form factor, but adds a 1.3-megapixel camera.

A 1.3-megapixel camera is pretty meager, even for an iPod – even entry-level cell phones have considerably higher resolution – but it could be acceptable for video. Were it paired with a smaller camera on the face of the iPod nano, it could be a way for Apple to introduce its FaceTime video conferencing technology to the smallest screen-equipped iPod.

Even if Apple’s planning on sticking a camera on the next-generation iPod nano, it’s still likely months away from seeing the light of day. Apple refreshes the iPod nano line in September, as it has since the first model debuted in 2005.

Best to take such reports with the requisite grain of salt, but tw.apple.pro has a good track record: they’ve leaked all six previous generations of iPod nano.

(Via AppleInsider, tw.apple.pro)