One-Third Use Smartphone Apps Before Getting Out of Bed

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Ah, the morning. It comes at you like a speeding bullet, but to your dismay, it’s nonetheless arrived. So what do you do with those few precious moments before hopping out of bed to start the day?

If you have a smartphone, there’s a pretty decent chance that you’re already fiddling with some app. In fact, 35% of Android and iPhone owners in the U.S. fire up mobile apps before getting out of bed, according to a survey by Ericsson ConsumerLab.

The most popular apps, not surprisingly, are those for social networks, with 18% of users logging on in bed. And Facebook reigns supreme during these hours.

But the mobile addiction doesn’t stop there. From the morning all the way until the early evening, more than half of smartphone owners are active.

More than 60% of owners are on their phones during the late evening, and 34% are checking what their friends are up to through social networks.

But even with all of this hi-tech hoopla, dinnertime still remains rather traditional. You’ll only find about 26% of owners using their phones.

The study highlights the shift in online usage over time.

“Prior to the introduction of smartphones, consumers tended to use the internet in ‘chunks’ – they would tend to confine their internet activities to when they had an opportunity to sit in front of a computer,” the study says.

But in this age, people can go online the minute they get the impulse.

Interestingly, the study also shows that these behaviors don’t depend on the device consumers have; rather, the apps themselves are more important.

“The habit becomes ‘checking my Facebook account in bed’ rather than ‘using my smartphone in bed,’” the study says.

Check out the full report here.

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