Is This Six-Year-Old Boy the Real Life Magneto?

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Updated May 14

Six-year-old Ivan Stoiljkovic of Croatia is a curious kid. Supremely talented, his father says that at 8 months he started walking; at 15 months, he was up and roller blading. Then at 2 years old he revved up and drove around on a mini motorcycle.

Oh yeah — and he may have magnetic powers.

Watch the video posted above, and you can see what appears to be his family sticking everything from forks, remote controls, frying pans and weights to Ivan’s portly body. According to the Guardian, Ivan was apparently watching TV with his grandmother a few months ago and saw another kid whose body attracted metal. He decided to give it a try.

No idea how it works (and it’s possible the whole thing could be a hoax since reports at this point are scant). The human body isn’t typically considered to have any magnetic properties, but there have been videos of people with magnet-like properties before.

Still, let’s keep our eye on this kid and set him on a path of good. That way, if his potential “powers” happen to develop maybe he’ll use them to aid humankind, not destroy us.

Note: This story has been updated from its original version.

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