Seagate’s Battery-Powered Hard Drive Streams Directly to iPads

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Do you have several problems? Like, more than one, at least? Me too. Is one of those problems that your iPad doesn’t have enough storage capacity to hold all your videos, photos, documents and songs? I hadn’t thought of that problem myself until now, but I guess I have that problem too.

Seagate has announced a new portable hard drive called the GoFlex Satellite. It’s a 500-gigabyte hard drive that costs $200, which is really expensive for a 500-gigabyte hard drive under normal circumstances, but—BUT!—this one runs off of batteries and has a built-in wireless connection.

So you fire it up and using a special app, you can stream all of your videos, photos, documents and songs directly from the hard drive to your iPad. That could effectively take care of that one problem we talked about earlier.

If you have two friends, you are living a rich and fulfilling life. You can also stream videos, photos, documents and songs to your two friends’ iPads, too, further strengthening your bond as friends. The three of you can sit in the back seat and watch the same or different videos on your iPads, all streaming from the same hard drive.

The hard drive’s battery lasts for five hours and all the cool, you-and-two-friends stuff works for streaming media to your iPhone, Android phones and Android tablets as well. The drive will hit stores in July and is available for pre-order now for $200 through Best Buy and Amazon.