iPhone 5 Rumors Point to a Phone for Both AT&T and Verizon

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What’s in an iPhone 5? According to some analysts, it’ll be a dualband GSM/CDMA device with a flashy 8-megapixel camera to go along with it.

A financial analyst firm, FBR Capital Markets, said the phone would be manufactured in the third quarter, lending credence to speculation that the gadget will drop in September.  That’s according to their sources.

What’s interesting is that the phone – possibly for the first time – will be built with both GSM and CDMA capabilities, which would completely eliminate the need for Sprint and AT&T variants. You’d be able to swap your phone from network to network, provided the software is willing (cough) and frequencies line up.

The 8 megapixel camera would be an upgrade from the current model’s camera, which only sports 5 megapixels. The firm says that image sensor will come from Omnivision, although Sony has been tapped as a backup supplier in case.

The whole doo-dad is also expected to get a boost with an upgraded processor found in the iPad 2’s repertoire, which means the whole thing is starting to sound like a pretty rad device.  I wouldn’t bet any money on it, but hey rumors have to come from somewhere right? Still, I’m not holding my breath.

(via PCWorld)

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