Plantronics Tackles an Age-Old Problem: Switching a Call from Cell Phone to Landline

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We’ve all been there: Someone calls your cell phone and wants to have a long heart-to-heart, so you tell them to call back on a landline to save voice minutes or to get a better signal.

Plantronics think it’s solved this problem with the Savi 740, a headset and stand that can answer phone calls from cell phones, landlines and PCs.

Of course, the solution isn’t dead-simple. You’ll need a landline phone that supports the DECT communication standard, along with a computer that’s connected to the whole setup. And once everything’s put together, you need to use the Savi 740’s headset to take incoming calls.

So make no mistake, this is an enterprise solution rather than something you’d want for casual conversation. The idea is to let business users roam around the office, headset firmly in place, while taking calls from any source. The Savi 740’s $379 to $399 price tag, depending on headset style, should keep most consumers away.

Neat idea, though.

(via VentureBeat)