Bottle Opener Concept Connects to Facebook, Invites People Over

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Wouldn’t it be grand if every time you opened a beer, Facebook automatically created an event and invited all your friends over? I know that every time I sit down to enjoy a series of smooth draws from a delicious craft IPA after a long day of work, I’m thinking, “Hey, I wish everyone I knew on Facebook could be here to watch me drink this thing.”

Heineken has theoretically answered my prayers (please note: these aren’t actually my prayers—I don’t want people coming over) with a connected bottle opener concept created by two students in Germany.

You initially link the bottle opener up with your Facebook account, and then the magic happens:

“When a beer is opened, it directly creates a Facebook event at your location, inviting friends from your city.”

There’s a potential Heineken-sponsored upside to having everyone you know show up at your house, too: “Get as many people to RSVP as possible and whoever has the most friends attending gets a free Heineken case for next weekend!” You might want to check how much a case of Heineken costs in your neck of the woods to decide if it’s really worth all the trouble.

Thankfully (or unfortunately), this is all still just a concept at the moment. Check out the above video to see how it’d all shake out in theory.


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