Amazon Rolls Out Downloadable Mac Software and Games

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Well this is interesting. Not long after rolling out its own Android app store, Amazon has just done something similar for Mac software downloads.

You may have heard of another company called “Apple” that opened its own Mac App Store earlier this year. The idea was a simple one: Parlay the success of its mobile app store into a similar offering for desktop and notebook computers.

You may also recall that Apple hasn’t taken kindly to Amazon’s use of the term “app store” for its Android software repository, as evidenced by an ongoing legal skirmish between the two.

Apple likely doesn’t have too much to worry about when it comes to Amazon’s Mac downloads since Amazon appears to be doing little more than reselling downloadable versions of already-available mainstream titles (versus the Mac App Store where smaller developers can upload their own apps).

But Amazon’s never been shy about pricing things aggressively—something Apple’s not well-known for doing—and Amazon apparently has a few titles not found in Apple’s app store: most notably, Microsoft Office.

(via The Loop)

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