Nerdtastic Video: ‘Doctor Who’ Theme Played on Tesla Coils

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Okay, let’s just go through the nerdgasm checklist:

  • Any reference whatsoever to Doctor Who? CHECK
  • Gratuitous use of the Doctor Who theme tune? CHECK
  • In an unlikely setting? CHECK
  • Full of nerds? CHECK
  • In the dark? CHECK
  • Volume up to 11? CHECK
  • With Tesla coils? Hell CHECK yeah.
  • And people standing between the Tesla coils? CHECK
  • In a Faraday cage so that they don’t get fried to a crisp? CHECK
  • In the dark? CHECK
  • And every delicious second of it enshrined on YouTube for our viewing delight on any internet-connected device we damn well please? CHECK

Great, we’re done. Everything’s checked, so you may now go ahead with your nerdgasm.

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