New ‘Modern Warfare 3’ Screens Take the Battle to the Streets

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If you’re still wondering what Activision’s version of World War 3 is going to look like after the ‘splosion-happy trailer, the publisher released a few new screens today. The scenes show off the global conflict as it’ll happen in New York and London. Based on Kotaku’s write-up, the levels portrayed here may have even been built by different dev teams, as the New York one was shown off by Infinity Ward and the London level was demoed by a member of Sledgehammer Games.

To¬† my eye, the lighting looks a tad more subtle and dynamic than what’s been seen in previous COD games. Again, not sure if that’s sign of a new engine or just improved facility with existing tech. Also, these screens come from the single-player campaign and some of these environments may not make it into multiplayer.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hits consoles and PC on November 8th this year.