New App Lets Unborn Babies Choose Their Own Names (Wait, Seriously?)

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Soon-to-be parents no longer have to endure the trouble of sifting through a seemingly endless book of baby names in search of the perfect one. It’s much, much easier to just let unborn kids choose anyway. That way, they won’t be filled with a lifetime of resentment because they were named “Like” after Facebook or something.

Believe it or not, your still-developing child is more than capable of picking its own name before the big birth, and Kick to Pick – a new 99-cent iPhone app – will help your bundle of joy choose the right one.

The app randomly generates thousands of baby names. All parents have to do is launch the generator, place the phone on the baby bump, and wait for the little guy – or gal – to give a big kick. The app monitors the baby’s movements, and any large kick detected will stop the generator and reveal what the baby has chosen. (More on See the best iPhone apps for mothers)

But no worries, parents. You’re not relinquishing all baby-naming power. Parents can narrow down the thousands of names by gender or create a list of favorites. They can also just simply reject the name the generator spits out – though that might hurt the baby’s feelings a wee bit.

“The idea for Kick to Pick came from a discussion about baby’s choices and the fact they had no influence over the name they go onto keep for the rest of their lives,” said Nathan Parks, the creator of the app, in a statement.

Thus, if your kid picks a weird name and then complains down the road, you can be sure that it wasn’t your fault.

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