New York Is the World Capital of Twitter? Don’t Believe What You Read

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Start spreading the news: New Yorkers love to tweet – but maybe not as much as they would like to think.

Dropped in the middle of a New York Times piece about Anthony Weiner was this line:

“Residents of the state of New York use Twitter some thirty percent more than the national average, and New York City, for per capita use, is considered the Twitter capital of the world.”

The information about the state usage comes from this chart, which uses information from HubSpot’s Twitter Grader to chart percentages per capita for each of the states in the US.

New York’s 31% sounds impressive, but it’s nothing compared with Oregon’s 63%, Washington’s 64% or Massachusetts’ 69%.

Similarly, Hubspot also offers a list of the top Tweeting cities in the world, and New York only comes in fourth, behind Chicago, Los Angeles and London. Exact numbers of Twitter users aren’t given, but considering that New York’s population is higher than both Chicago and L.A., it’s extremely unlikely that it would somehow manage to beat either city in per capita use unless the latter two cities have large amounts of people running more than one account.

All of which isn’t to say that New York doesn’t love the Tweeting, because – well, clearly, it’s no Montana (Statewide usage is 49% below the national average there). But just take a pinch of salt when your newspaper claims that you’re the best, is all.

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