Paycheck Friday: Purchasing Suggestions for Your Perusal

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It’s Friday! Maybe you just got paid. You could use that money for boring stuff like bills, rent, and food, or you could act like a wonderfully impulsive consumer and spend it on any number of products. Here are some ideas to get you started based on your taxable income bracket.

10% ($0 to $8,500)


Angry Birds (Analog Version): $24

All of your friends with “disposable income” keep talking about some game with birds. And you always see them dragging their dumb, disposable-income-spending fingers across the screens of their phones. Oh how you wish you could feel what they’re feeling—if only for a brief moment in time.

Now you, too, can experience the thrill of Angry Birds without being tied to an expensive smartphone or personal computer! Sure, it’s not quite as pocketable as the standard version of Angry Birds but maybe you have a tote bag or something that you could carry yours around in.

Or just keep the shipping box. That’ll be your thing. “Here comes Alan with his Angry Birds in the cardboard box,” your friends will all say. “Should we chip in and get him a phone for his birthday? Oh, we already got him a pair of jean shorts? Okay, forget the phone idea then,” they’ll say.

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