Top Five Monday Tech Deals

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iSymphony 32-inch LED-backlit TV: $294 at Amazon


The lady on the TV screen up there looks familiar. Like, she looks famous but I know she isn’t famous, but she’s meant to look famous. Even the pose looks like a memorable pose. I can’t quite put my finger on it and all it’s done is distract me from the fact that this 32-inch LED-backlit TV is selling for less than $300, which in and of itself is far more important than that lady.

While it’s not impossible to find a 32-inch LED-backlit TV for under $300, it’s hard to find one with a full 1080p resolution and a weight of just 11 pounds. Best Buy, for instance, is selling a 32-inch LED-backlit TV for $299 this week but it’s only got a 720p resolution and it weighs 20 pounds.

This one weighs 11 pounds. Eleven pounds! You could mount this thing on a shower curtain (note: don’t mount this thing on a shower curtain).

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