Scrabble Is Finally Coming to Android—Oh, and It’ll Be Free

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We can all agree that Scrabble is the greatest mobile game in the history of mobile gaming, right? It makes a good board game, too, ironically enough.

But Scrabble’s been missing from Android phones for so long that I was beginning to wonder if EA and Android had some weird Scrabble-related falling out. Maybe Android invited EA over for some casual burger grilling one summer night a few years ago, and EA was like, “Aw, perfect, I’ll bring beer!”

And the next thing you know, Android drank 10 beers—not light ones, like we’re talking double IPAs—and made a pass at EA’s girlfriend, Scrabble. And Scrabble was like, “The iPhone never does that! The iPhone is a gentleman,” and EA was like, “Okay, we’ll only go to iPhone’s house from now on.”

That’s how it all played out in my head, at least.

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Turns out, EA may have just been preparing Scrabble to be its first ever free Android game AND make it so you can play against people on iPhones, iPads, and Facebook. I know, right?!

EA says the following:

“As you know, SCRABBLE was the first of our mobile games to introduce Origin mobile and one of our launch products when the Apple App Store went live in July 2008. With the launch of SCRABBLE Android, it will be the first franchise for EA that can be played across iOS, Facebook and Android. This is big news since few multiplayer games in the industry can make that claim. It will also be EA’s first free game on Android so we’re one step closer to our goal of delivering the best in free and freemium content. I encourage all of you to try SCRABBLE for yourself – on any of these platforms — and to invite friends to play.”

This is, of course, a direct shot at Zynga’s Words With Friends, which is similar to Scrabble and can already by played across platforms. Every time I complain about Scrabble not being available on Android, people try to tell me Words With Friends is better than Scrabble. But it just doesn’t do it for me. It’s like I’m expecting banana bread but I bite into pumpkin bread: It’s good, but in a different way. And it’s made from pumpkins.

Scrabble will be available for Android sometime next week.

[via Kotaku]

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