Wolfram|Alpha Language-Based Search Engine Knows ‘Shaft’ Theme

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Who’s the search engine that knows the theme to Shaft?

No, not Google. But maybe Wolfram|Alpha can ring in as the savviest search engine out of ’em all, because it knows the theme to Shaft.

Show me another search engine that can do that. Seriously. I’m still waiting.

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Wolfram|Alpha is a search engine that lets users ask questions in plain English. And as you’ll recall, the Shaft theme is comprised of question after question, all with the same answer. Ask each one to Wolfram|Alpha and you’ll get the correct answer, including any color commentary:

“Shaft! (Ya damn right!)” or “Shaft! Can you dig it?”

But Wolfram|Alpha also works just fine when I want to know how many miles are in the Earth’s circumference (that would be roughly 24,901 miles, my friend). What’s next? Everything I’ve ever wanted to know about Futurama? I’m down with that.

Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother man? SHAFT! Can you dig it?

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(via Gizmodo)

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