Chrome Extension Lets You Port Facebook Events to Google Calendar

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Facebook has been exceptionally restrictive when it comes to interfacing with Google, from privatizing search to its non-allowance of friend importing to Google+. Simply put: There isn’t much cross pollination between the two web companies, which, at times, can be a bit of a pain for users.

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But Google’s new Chrome extension (which you can download here) allows users to import Facebook events directly to their Google calendars with two quick clicks.

It’s really a useful feature: Most people receive event invites via Facebook, and most people use Google calendar to organize their schedules. The event name, date and time, location, event description and link to the Facebook event page are automatically ported, without any copying+pasting or tabbing between windows.

For users (like myself, who will now remember to eat Hot Wings) it’s a win-win. I can see this one getting a fair amount of mileage.

[h/t Lifehacker]

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