Play ‘Saved by the Bell’ like an Old-School Nintendo Game

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This post really needs no additional information.

Okay fine. Remember your Nintendo? Remember Saved by the Bell? What if Saved by the Bell had been available as an RPG-themed Nintendo game? It only took a couple decades, but we’ve finally got something.

Even though it’s a YouTube video, it’s a “playable” game in that you make Choose Your Own Adventure-style choices at the end of each video via click-able links that lead to other scenarios. So many classics converging at once!

Saved by the Bell + Choose Your Own Adventure + old-school Nintendo + YouTube. What a potent combination. It’s like the Long Island Iced Tea of internet things, except every ingredient is either Everclear or Absinthe and the end result tastes like kissing a pretty girl.

See you all on Monday—I don’t expect you’ll be doing much else until then, now that you know about this. Everything else is superfluous. Just turn the lights off when you leave, if you would.

[The Fine Bros (YouTube) via Neatorama]

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