Top Five Monday Tech Deals

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It’s Monday! Time for some handpicked gadget deals.

Lenovo 15.6-inch laptop: $300 at Best Buy


Best Buy has an enticing deal on this 15.6-inch Lenovo laptop at $300. “What’s the catch?! Surely there’s a catch,” you say. No catch, unless you count having to actually go to a physical Best Buy location to get this deal a catch. So, yes, there’s a catch. But you’re planning on taking a long and early lunch today anyway, aren’t you? It’s Monday, after all.

The computer features a dual-core AMD processor, four gigabytes of RAM, a 320-gigabyte hard drive, and Windows 7 Home Premium. It’s got a weight of just over five pounds, too, but the built-in fingerprint reader means you won’t have to type in your password so you’ll save a bit of energy there—energy you can reallocate to carrying your laptop around.

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