Acer MacBook Air Competitor Leaked with Sub-$800 Starting Price?

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So these Windows-based “ultrabooks” we’ve been hearing about recently should be making their way to consumers in time for the holidays. The promise: MacBook Air-like design and portability, but with cheaper price points and, of course, Windows.

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And while we’ve seen a teaser image of what’s supposed to be one of the first ultrabooks out of the gate, the ASUS UX21, a Vietnamese blog apparently has images and specs of one of the Acer models.

The site claims that the 13.3-inch notebook will be called the Acer Aspire 3951, it’ll measure about a half-inch thick, and it’ll weigh around three pounds. It’ll apparently launch in October with a price between $770 and $960 depending upon its configuration. Battery life is apparently rated at around six hours with 30-day standby time and a resume-from-sleep time of under two seconds.

This, of course, is all in the rumor phase right now (Acer has unsurprisingly declined to comment) and the supposedly leaked images are by no means actual photos—just renderings—but if the information pans out, it could make for a compelling purchase for anyone longing for MacBook Air style coupled with the Windows platform.

I’ll be most interested to see if any of these ultrabooks manage to stuff a 1440×900-resolution screen into the 13.3-inch chassis like Apple has done with the 13.3-inch MacBook Air. That, to my mind, is one of the best features of the product line aside from the portability. Something tells me that with an emphasis on low prices—prices which have reportedly been creeping upwards already—getting an ultrabook with a screen resolution higher than 1280×800 or 1366×768 at under $1,000 is going to be a tall order.

[Sohoa (translated) via Engadget]

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