Netflix Unveils New Kid-Friendly Features

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Clearly, Netflix subscribes to the “Get ‘Em While They’re Young” philosophy of brand loyalty, launching a new area of its website called the “Just For Kids.”

In the past 90 days, a full 50% of the 25 million North American Netflix members have used Watch Instantly to watch “at least” two movies or shows for kids. Now, “Just For Kids” hopes to raise that figure.

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“Just For Kids”—apparently “Intended For Kids, But Bored And/Or Stoned Adults Will Probably Love It As Well” turned out to be too long and a little confusing in early tests—is available via a tab on the Netflix front page, and offers streaming content suitable for viewers 12 years of age and younger, including favorites like Spongebob Squarepants, Yo Gabba Gabba and Dora The Explorer, as well as various properties from Disney and Nickelodeon.

As with the “regular” streaming pages, the content is separated into various categories, although these particular categories include things like “Girl Power”, “Sing-Alongs” and the extremely vague “Friends.” It’s all part of a plan to help children discover the right content, if Netflix VP of product innovation Todd Yellin is to be believed:

“Kids discover and categorize movies and TV shows differently than adults. Just as we have revolutionized the way people find the movies and shows they want to watch when and how they want to, we’re making it easier for kids and parents alike to have the best possible Netflix experience.”

“Just For Kids” is currently only available on the Netflix website, but is planned to roll out on mobile devices and other venues over the next 12 months. Soon, your children will become as addicted as you are.

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