Will the Next Sony E-Readers Come with Free Harry Potter?

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Sony might have figured out a sneaky but ingenious way to increase sales of its next crop of e-readers: Cash in on the still-existent Harry Potter craze.

According to The Register, the next Sony Readers—to be released in November, in time for the holiday rush—will come pre-loaded with all seven Potter books, ahead of the 2012 digital release of the novels from the much-hyped Pottermore website.

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Pottermore launches in October, and Sony is a backer of that site, so it’s not impossible that The Register is correct when it quotes anonymous sources as saying that Sony has paid author JK Rowling “millions” for the early electronic rights to the books (That money has gone to charity, the site claims). If true, then the holiday release of their next readers will have an in-built bonus as the ideal gift for Potter fanatics… and Sony might finally have an in to the serious e-reader market. Now that really would be some trick.

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