Where to (Try to) Find the $99 HP TouchPad Tablet

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Did you hear the news? HP’s new TouchPad tablet has been discounted to $99 in the midst of the company’s hasty exit from the tablet and smartphone game. It’s not going to be easy to get your hands on one, but here’s a list of places you can try if you’re willing to commit to some serious bargain hunting.

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Please note that some (most/all) of these stores are either out of stock or haven’t deeply discounted the tablet yet. Keep checking back, though! For the stores below that aren’t big names, I’ve only added ones with a 4.5 star or higher rating from Google Shopping just to be on the safe side.

- HP.com

- Best Buy | Store Locator

- Amazon.com

- Buy.com

- Newegg.com

- Staples | Store Locator

- Office Depot | Store Locator

- Radio Shack | Store Locator

- OfficeMax | Store Locator

- CompUSA/Circuit City/Tiger Direct

- Adorama


- Provantage

- MacConnection

- pcRUSH.com

- PCNation

- ANTOnline.com

- TheNerds.net

- CompSource.com

- Bottom Line Telecom

- Compuvest.com

- FTIComputer.com

- Vision Computers

- Neobits.com

That ought to take up most of your Monday at the very least. Happy hunting!

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