Golf Clap for Cleanliness: Only 35% Use Tablets in the Bathroom

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Are you shocked to find a recent Staples survey reporting that 35% of tablet owners admitted to using their slabs in the bathroom? If these respondents were all being honest, that number is refreshingly low, right?

Whenever you use someone else’s tablet to look something up, aren’t you like, “Sweet Baby J, I wonder where this thing’s been?” Try it next time. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you’ll wish you’d brought your own tablet with you, even though you’d be that dork that brings a tablet everywhere. Dork like a fox!

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Alas, the survey only collected answers from 200 respondents and, double-alas, some of those respondents may have lied about how and where they use their tablets. For now, let’s just assume that 100% of tablets have seen the inside of a bathroom and use a sausage when navigating other people’s tablets. You’ll keep yourself safe and it’ll be quite a conversation piece.

Other non-bathroom findings from the study include 90% of people saying they bought a tablet for “the convenience of portability,” 78% said they use their tablets in bed, 30% said they’ve used their tablets in restaurants, and 60% feel that they get more work done because of owning a tablet.

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