Sports Illustrated ‘Rivals’ App Helps You Relive Good (and Bad) Football Memories

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From our friends over at Sports Illustrated comes a new app detailing 10 of the greatest football rivalries of all time. Aptly named Sports Illustrated Football Rivals, the app is available for free on Apple and Android mobile devices.

You’ll get 300+ pages of historic SI content, along with video and audio features for the following rivalries:

  • Texas vs. Oklahoma
  • Auburn vs. Alabama
  • Florida vs. Georgia
  • Kansas vs. Missouri
  • Cowboys vs. Redskins
  • USC vs. Notre Dame
  • Ohio State vs. Michigan
  • Army vs. Navy
  • Packers vs. Bears
  • Cal vs. Stanford

What? No Vikings-Packers rivalry? Oh, that’s right. Speaking as a born-and-bred Minnesotan, we always thought it was a rivalry. I suspect the Packers found that more amusing than serious, though, like a toddler trying to throw punches at his 19-year-old step brother. “Look at those little fists fly! He’s getting dizzy, now! How adorable!”

The app can be downloaded for free from your device’s app store. More info here, too.

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