RIM Apologizes: ‘Not Even Close’ on BlackBerry Uptime This Week

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FOLLOW-UP: RIM: BlackBerry Service ‘Has Been Fully Restored’

"Since launching BlackBerry in 1999, it’s been my goal to provide reliable, real-time communications around the world," begins RIM founder an Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis’ apology video, "We did not deliver on that goal this week."

"Not even close."

Lazaridis goes on to say that BlackBerry customers expect better, he expects better, they’re working tirelessly, but it’s too soon to say the issue is fully resolved yet. "I’d like to give you an estimated time of full recovery around the world," says Lazaridis, "but I cannot do this with certainty at this time."

Aside from the above video, the latest entry on RIM’s update page reads:

"In Europe, Middle East, India and Africa, we are seeing a significant increase in service levels. Service levels are also progressing well in the U.S., Canada and Latin America and we are seeing increased traffic throughput on most services, although there are still some delays and services levels may still vary amongst customers. Our global teams are continuing to work as quickly as possible to restore full and consistent service across all regions."

That update was left at 11:30pm Central last night. Keep checking RIM’s BlackBerry Service Update page for further developments.

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