DVR, Mobile Video Usage Up More than 30% over Last Year

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It looks like all of those people scooping up new iPhones and Androids are embracing video in a big way—a new Nielsen poll reports that 36% more mobile subscribers watched video on their phones this year than last year. Also popular: watching TV without commercials, which would explain the 31% jump in DVR usage over the last two years.

Not even growing services like Hulu and Netflix can compare with the mighty DVR: Americans spent four times as much time watching recorded shows on their DVRs than they did watching videos online. Overall, Americans are watching 2 hours and 43 minutes more television every month, which is good because it’s not like this country has an obesity problem or anything.

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What does this all mean? That, despite the fact that almost half of Americans say they watch video online, the big television networks shouldn’t freak out; just because people are watching video content on their phones and computers doesn’t mean they’re not tuning in to the ol’ boob tube to catch episodes of Dancing With The Stars.

Here’s how the info breaks down by region. Most of those people watching video on their phones? They’re in Los Angeles, presumably killing time while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Dallas residents are the biggest fans of DVR, while those in California, Oregon and Washington spent the most time watching streaming video on their computers. For those looking to kick it old school, Minneapolis is the place to be. The city boasts the highest percentage of people watching only broadcast television.

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